Smart Print

Screen Printing


Smartglass can make your particular glass completely individual to yourself by the use of our Smart-Print screen printing process which puts attractive designs on the glass.
Fleischle of Germany is the acknowledged expert in screen printing for the glass industry, and our printing line is based on their latest model with a maximum size of 4200 mm x 2400 mm.
Our automated line means absolute accuracy and definition including the ability to use several colours applied on the same glass surface without any distortion or overlap. The glass is conveyed automatically before, during and after application using a computerized control system and fast drying inks which ensures that the quality and resolution is extremely high.
Our Smart-Print screen printed products are always tempered and are used for architectural and many specialist decorative applications including shower screens; decorative panels, partitions, and furniture.Different levels of light transmittance and vision areas can be used to provide modesty and/or decoration.
Alternatively designs or obscuration for privacy can be achieved by using  our Fratelli automated sandblasting equipment.  We have the ability to produce bespoke and free form designs.  Please contact our sales department for any advice you may require.
Decoration Process Max Size Minimum Process Speed
fleischle screenprint 2400mm*4200mm 400mm*600mm Up to 240 m2 per hour
fratelli sandblast 3000mm*2600mm 200mm*200mm Up to 30 m2 per hour