Smart Sound

Sound Reducing Glass 


Smartglass laminated glass offers excellent noise reduction qualities due to the PVB interlayer which helps to damp out the sound.  For example Smart-Sound laminated glass can be glazed in the vicinity of airports; motorways or railways to reduce unwanted noise pollution.

Ultra Violet Protection
Smartglass laminated glass can screen out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  As well as being used to protect valuable works of art in such places as museums and art galleries, it is also used in many homes to prevent carpets and furnishings from deteriorating.
As well as violent winds, hurricanes also carry a huge amount of debris they suck up and which can strike buildings.  Laminated glass can be used to help reduce the damage caused to both property and people.
Smartglass laminated glass will help reduce the number of injuries and collateral damage usually caused by broken glass falling from buildings in moderate earthquakes; where the buildings remain largely intact.