About Us


Our purpose built factory is based to the south of Cairo in the wonderful and historically important setting of El Fayoum covering 40,000 square metres.  Here we have the latest and most advanced glass processing equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.
Smartglass is run by an experienced international management team of glass professionals, which results in high quality products conforming to European and American standards.
We combine this with efficient service and essential care, for the most important person in our business, you our valued customer.   
You will realize the many advantages of using Smartglass when you read about our advanced equipment.
Selecting the correct Smartglass product for your building Glass is probably one of the most visible features of any modern building in the world today. As well as making a building aesthetically pleasing,It also has a huge part to play in the thermal performance of the building; the ongoing running costs and last but not least, the comfort of the occupants using the building.
The aim of Smartglass is to provide you our customer, with a wide range of high performance solar control glass products that will help you select the right product for your individual project, based on an attractive appearance and the technical specification that gives you the optimum performance.  
To fulfill your needs we have a full range of Smartglass product groups  giving varying degrees of performance, depending on your individual requirements.  Each group has its own unique appearance and thermal performance.
All of the Smartglass range of  IGUs can incorporate tempered, heat strengthened or laminated glasses in the unit make up.  Further details on these Smartglass products can be obtained by contacting our sales department.