Transforming premium quality glass stock sheets into a comprehensive range of high performing, quality  ngineered and desirable architectural products.

• Cutting from jumbo sizes providing the best economical solution
• All forms of glass edgework and polishing, drilling & notching.
• Sand blasting design and decoration.
• High quality registration silk screen printing.
• Glass tempering (toughening) safety glass.
• Glass heat strengthening, for thermal safety.
• Heat soak testing for improved tempered glass thermal resistance.
• Laminated safety glass for safety and security.
• Bullet resistant glass.
• Insulating glass units (double and triple glazing) combining premium Super Spacer ®Edgetech TriSealTM Spacer systems, plus Argon gas filling for Enhanced Insulation, plus Acoustic Performance.
• Energy efficient glass units of all types designed and innovated to suit individual specific environmental and climatic conditions.