Production Process

Glass Cutting

We have installed fully automated conveying for glass storage and cutting with total computer control of the automatic selection and movement of the glass from the point of delivery.  Our fully automatic Hegla system has multi stations for storing, jumbo size stock sheets 6000 mm x 3210 mm which allows the best optimization by using the largest sizes available.
Our fully automated cutting lines have the ability to edge delete the latest range of soft coated high performance glass products necessary for the correct bonding of edge sealants.  Our range of glass available includes thicknesses from 4 mm up to 19 mm, and every type of high performance solar control glass product on the market.  Smartglass is an independent glass processor which means we can source the best glass for the job from all over the world, at the best price!
The precision Hegla German engineering enables us to cut glass very quickly even if it is complex shapes such as arches, ellipses and trapezoids.  This is done speedily purely by selecting the preset programming in the CAD system.
Edge deletion can be performed on the cutting table to an increased depth to allow a fritted border to be applied which protects the edge sealants against ultra violet and provides better aesthetics for structural products.
Glass Processing
Our Benteler horizontal double sided grinding, milling and glass washing area can handle up to 2600 mm x 5000 mm using cross belt technology to convey the glass automatically through each stage of the required processes.
Double sided edge grinding leads into twin drilling; a milling unit for internal or external cut outs and notches, four further drilling units plus automatic tool changing.
A power washer using only reverse osmosis cleaned water with a powerful dryer unit completes this cycle.  The glass is at all times computer monitored using CAD/CAM systems until an exit conveyor transports the glass to the next phase of processing.
The precision and quality design of our Benteler installation, the foremost German manufacturer of glass processing equipment, ensures the precise positioning of holes in the glass substances we offer.
In addition to this we have our Lattauda straight line edger which is capable of 3 linear metres per minute, whilst our Intermac semi – automatic edging, beveling and polishing work station is able to produce CAD shaped work up to 2400mm diameter.  The whole area is served by automatic conveying to speed up production.
Holes can be drilled in most glass substances we offer.  These along with larger holes; cut-outs, notches, AC fan holes and so forth, are all possible in Smart-Temp tempered glass.  There are criteria relating to location of certain notches, please contact us for details.
Edgework is the term applied to grinding, smoothing and polishing the edges of the various glass pieces.  This is to make them safer to handle, to allow further processes, or to give the product an attractive appearance with either a ground or polished finish.