Smart Flame

Fire Resistant Glass 


Fire resistant properties in glass products are only one element in a fire resistant glazing application.  It is essential that this precept is accepted to understand the descriptions and definitions given below.

Stability:  The glass does not break.
Integrity in flames, hot gases and smoke:  The glass acts as a physical barrier to prevent flames, hot gases and smoke from passing through but it does not prevent the heat radiated from fire.
Radiation control:  The glass has a capacity to limit the heat passing through it to the side which requires protection.
Thermal Insulation:  The average temperature on the protected side remains below140 degrees C which eliminates the risk of spontaneous combustion due to radiation or convection of materials.  This means that buildings can be evacuated in a safe and calm manner.
Please note that Smart-flame fire resistant glass products must only be used as part of an approved fire resistance rated framing assembly.