Smart Power

Insulated Glazing Unit

The most important function of the Smart-Power IGU in the hot climates of the Middle East and North Africa is to reduce the build-up of heat caused by solar gain and conducted heat.  This helps to maintain a more controlled internal environment thus reducing the energy required for expensive air conditioning and therefore reducing the running costs of the building.

Another function of the Smart-Power IGU is to allow necessary light into the building whilst reducing glare.  This means there is less need for powerful and expensive artificial lighting, which in itself generates more heat.

The overall effect of all this is that windows now become cost effective building components and are part of an engineered building structure, which gives a quicker payback to the owner.  In addition they are pleasant to look at, more adaptable to use, and in this energy conscious world are sympathetic to our environment.
These functions are achieved by the use of a variety of coated high performance reflective glasses utilized in our Smart-Power IGUs, which as well as providing all the above advantages, also enhance the aesthetics of  buildings with their many attractive colours and finishes.  


Spacer Syetem Max Size Min Size SpacerWidth Colour
Edgetech Triseal 2500mm*5000mm 350mm*350mm 8mm to 20mm Black Matt
Alum or S steel 3600mm*2500mm 310mm*160 6mm to 20mm varios
Toggle SG 2500mm*5000mm n/a 16mm to 20mm varios


Smart- Power Insulated Glazing Units or IGUs are two or more pieces of glass separated by a spacer, hermetically sealed together to form one sealed unit with a space between the two panes. 
Our Smartglass Italian Forel fully automatic IGU (Insulated Glazing Unit) production line means we can produce fully warranted IGUs with either.
Edgetech Triseal 
warm edge technology or the more traditional aluminium spacer bar system with the added bonus of Argon gas filling, which improves the thermal insulation properties.
Our Smart-Power IGUs use Edgetech Triseal tm warm edge technology and when we use our automatic on-line Argon Gas filling facility, our product is far superior to any other IGUs produced in the local market.  This is because Smartglass have the ability to manufacture Argon Gas filled units at the same speed that other competitors can only produce air filled IGUs.  This works out cheaper for the customer as it is quicker and much less labour is involved. 
Solar Control
Many types of our Smartglass high performance solar control and low emissivity glasses can be incorporated into our laminated glass to further  enhance the range of benefits for the end user.Combined with Solar control and low emissivity glass, as well as being safer the product can make buildings more comfortable to live and work in.
It can also reduce the air-conditioning running costs of the building, as well as making it more pleasant sitting closer to windows, thereby increasing the useable space.  
When combined with the superior Argon gas filling process used in our IGUs incorporating our laminated glass, Smartglass give you safety and solar control.